Hourly Rate

$30 per hour*

 Pay-as-you-go basis. Ideal for those who are unsure of how many hours they will need.


*Minimum of two hours per week. 

Discounted rate of $28 per hour

Retainer packages are a monthly package that will guarantee an allocated amount of time each month.


Choose between my basic, plus and premium packages below.

Project Rate

Fixed Price*

This a one-time project. 

*Price will depend on approximate

number of hours estimated to

complete the project.

Retainer Packages

Basic Package


10 Hours of Service

Plus Package


20 Hours of Service

Premium Package


30 Hours of Service

All hours must be used within 30 days of purchase date. There are no rollover hours. Time reports are available each month to see where time is spent. All packages are paid for in advance.


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