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"Karly is impeccable at what she does. She is efficient, consistent and responsive. I have reached out many times and am always given a quick and thorough answer to my query. Karly has a talent for highlighting your strengths and applying that to her focus.


Before working with Karly, I spent countless hours researching and gathering data. My skill set is largely with client-relations and Karly simplified many organizational tasks outside my repertoire which in turn made me more effective in my business as a whole.


Karly helped me to streamline daily items to improve my time management, increase my client reach and allow me to spend the majority of my hours working on the parts of my business that I am most passionate about.


Since investing in Karly, I have implemented a virtual mailing system with templates and a newsletter. I was able to retain my clientele virtually through the first shutdown and now into the second. I have also greatly increased my following and reach through social media.


I highly recommend Karly because she is diligent, effective, and inspired. She is very good at what she does which makes her an incredible asset to have in your corner.


On a more personable note, Karly is friendly and kind, I have enjoyed working with her immensely for her sense of humour and her genuine nature.

— Selena Rae, Owner,

Sugar Mama Body Sugaring

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